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May 16, 2018
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October 11, 2018

Removing unwanted hairs is not new, it goes back to ancient times. What method one uses is an individual choice that can satisfy your needs long term or short term. Waxing, tweezing, shaving, threading, laser and electrolysis they all have their benefits and drawbacks.

However, the benefits of using electrolysis outweigh those of all of the other methods.

1- Electrolysis in the only FDA approved method of permanently removing your unwanted hairs. Laser is only a reduction, and waxing, threading, tweezing and shaving are methods that you have to do on a regular basis because the hair comes back. They require a lifetime of maintenance.

Electrolysis might require some commitment, depending on your previous epilation history, however once the treatment is done you are permanently hair free. A minute amount of electricity is inserted into the hair follicle via a very thin needle, which in turn destroys the hair and prevents another one growing back. With continually advancing technologies, equipment and treatment protocol Electrolysis is more comfortable and effective than ever.

2- It’s the only method that works on every skin color and hair type ( unlike laser) because each hair is treated individually. This is especially good news for people who have dark skin and hair and aren’t seeing the results they want with laser hair removal, or people with light skin and light hair. Electrolysis doesn’t have this limitation. It works on every area large or small, on women and men equally.

3- It is not painful, as opposed to other methods of hair removal. Like any other medical procedures, electrolysis can have some light side effects like slight skin irritation and redness, though with the right electrologist and the right after care treatment these are minimal and of short duration. Some clients  can experience some discomfort in treating the more sensitive areas like the upper lip.  The newer, computerized, digital equipment, however, have significantly reduced the level of discomfort and there are over-the-counter topical anesthetics that can be applied to make the treatment of sensitive areas much more tolerable.

4- It is the only method to get rid of the ingrown hairs. All other methods can actually cause or exacerbate the problem. Electrolysis was, after all, invented in 1875 exactly as a method of getting rid permanently of ingrown eyelashes, and was used  cosmetically for all unwanted hairs .

5- It is a wonderful permanent method of hair removal for clients suffering from PCOs. Shaving is not an attractive option to get rid of hairs in the face, waxing, threading and even laser can make this medical condition worse by making the hair thicker and denser.

Electrolysis can really make a difference. While it is not possible to remove all the hairs in one session, it is the most effective way to have a permanently smooth, hair free face in the shortest amount of time.

6- It is less costly compared to non-permanent methods. It might seem that clients pay more for each session of electrolysis rather than what you would pay for one session of another process like waxing or threading. However, waxing and threading are temporary and you will have to do them over a life time which will cost you significantly more in the long run. Once your electrolysis treatments are done, you don’t have to do any maintenance, in the end it will be worth it.

7 – Electrolysis is less time-consuming than other methods. In addition to repeatedly paying for these other types of treatments, you spend more time getting them done than you would at electrolysis sessions, plus you need to go back often. The average electrolysis session lasts from fifteen minutes to one hour, and several sessions are needed for the hair loss to be permanent. Altogether, the average electrolysis client spends several hours being treated but doesn’t have to continue them for the rest of their life.

At Hairless NYC Electrolysis Clinic we are trained, licensed and certified professional electrologists delivering optimum service, providing a treatment as individual as you are, transforming your life by eliminating the need for time consuming temporary hair removal regimens.

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