Why shouldn’t one use temporary methods of hair removal

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August 2, 2016
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December 6, 2016

The first time, millennia ago, that a man or a woman noticed an unwanted hair and decided to remove it by grabbing and pulling it out, a temporary method of hair removal was born.

From ancient times down to present, people have been cutting, shaving, dissolving, burning, pulling, rubbing – to no avail- hair always grows back. Consider the following list of temporary methods:                                                                         -Plucking or tweezing –Waxing –Cutting –Shaving –Depilatories -Abrasives

Although many methods are listed it comes down to two distinctly different ways of removing hair:                                  pulling it out, or cutting it off.

All methods are temporary; we will see what happens when you pull the hair and the consequences of it.

Plucking or Tweezing – You grasp the hair, pull it gently- it stretches, the follicle is lifted, you continue to pull, the hair releases with a snap, the follicle and surrounding tissue then fall back into place. Success: you have have plucked a hair- but at the same time you have set up in motion a never ending cycle that will tend to hasten the rate of regrowth.

It will also build the thickness, strengthen and deepen the regrowning hair thus making it darker as well- a process that at first is not so noticeable but it builds up overtime. What was it originally a fine to medium hair will now have grown into a robust , coarse, dark hair.

It will also increase the possibility of irritations- due to a distorted or ingrown hair, infections- because the follicle wall with the hair gone becomes an excellent breeding ground for bacteria; which will result in pitting and scarring.

Waxing – First warm softened wax is spread over the area so the hair will be embedded in the wax, gauze is placed on top of it and when the wax cools and hardens it is ripped off the skin taking with it all of the hair embedded in the wax. This process can be painful; allergic reactions to the wax can occur, but the real problem is that everything said about plucking and tweezing becomes a hundred times more applicable to waxing. When you wax facial hair, all the fine hairs and fuzz become embedded in the wax , and that too is removed.

Plucking, tweezing or waxing, or any method of forcibly tearing the hair out of the follicle , tends to increase the depth , thickness and color of the hair, causes the hair to grow more rapidly and more distorted and increases the possibility of infections and scarring.

Electrolysis can eliminate unwanted hairs without all the irritation from the temporary methods. It is effective for anyone regardless of skin and hair types and colors. Using State of the art technology Electrolysis destroys the ability of the hair follicle to grow another hair. The regenerative ability of the hair follicle is permanently eliminated- therefore you are Permanently free of unwanted hairs and ingrowns.

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