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October 10, 2014
Happy Valentine’s Day!
October 10, 2014

Summer is for fun, an easy time on the go! Casual light dresses and bare legs, sporting shirts and tank tops. You are frantic – time is running out. Help is on the way!

– You have never done anything to your unwanted hairs – you are the perfect candidate! All of the hairs are there waiting to be remove at once (consult with our experts for your special need).

– You are shaving regularly – no problem, same as above – you are the perfect candidate!

– You are threading, waxing or tweezing – STOP – let your unsightly hair grow out and we will remove them:
a) As they come (frequency varies – consult with our experts for your special need.)
b) All at once
c) Consult with our experts for your special need.

*You have painful, ingrown hairs (spseudofolliculitis barbae) – STOP picking and tweezing, you are only making matters worse. Permanent results are the only choice. Erase discoloration and regain your color tone – Forever.

*You had several sessions of laser and the light hairs remain – no problem, we can address it from now on – permanently; all the untreated hairs.

Never too late to opt for the Permanent Choice and Enjoy all your Summers to come.

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

Jim Rohn

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