October 10, 2014
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October 10, 2014

Male Permanent Hair Removal Request

The male demand is increasing among all age groups and here is why: unibrows and bushy brows may start at puberty and so are treatments as early as adolescence. We have moved into a free society where dressing up for confidence is a culture and feeling polished is essential today.

The unwanted hair growth on the neck and shoulders along with the upper or lower back may undermine that open T- shirt or an intense exercise or else at the beach. It is very easy to taper some hairs and blend the comfort level of individuals to desired level and/or to a total removal of excess hairs. Electrolysis is versatile this way, unlike laser.

Ear and nose hairs (nostril edge, ear lobe) may emerge unsightly later in life, perhaps coarse and dense. If facial hair or body hair is darker than desired, there are choices. Pulling the hair is a great temptation to many, thus exacerbating the growth and also the thickness, where subsequently painful consequences will occur. Electrolysis is very precise.

Shaving can be an every day chore, let alone with shaving cuts, razor burns or increasing ingrown hairs. Permanent Hair Removal will address all of the above issues in addition to destroying the root of the hair shaft (the papilla-germinative cells). Electrolysis provides a smooth, glowing hair free skin for years to come. Electrolysis is color blind vs laser.

“Every man’s ability may be strengthened or increased by culture.”

John Abbott

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