To Treat or Not to Treat Facial and Body Fuzz…

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October 10, 2014
2013 Best of Manhattan Award
October 10, 2014

Facial “Peach Fuzz” or vellus hair, is a very fine, pigment free, blond hair. It may appear dense from the sideburns down to the jaw line for some or just on the upper and/or lower lip for others. Lots of estrogen is part of aging process, also side effects of chemotherapy may induce downy hairs and terminal hairs to grow.
In time it will interfere with make-up by creating a shadow and may even get a stronger pigmentation later in life.
Arm fuzz is a much longer vellus hair then facial hair, in some instances it can get quite long, bushy and unattractive. Depilatory creams or shaving is safe (no, hair will not grow thicker-this is a myth. Only pulling, by means of threading, waxing, and/or tweezing will stimulate the germinative cells) but it is not the best option, as the regrowth occurs, stubble gets in the way in both choices.
Vaniqa, a prescription cream, suppresses the enzyme that follicles need to grow hair, therefore, slows down the hair growth. Some clients do very well with this choice, in conjunction with electrolysis, by maintaining a favorable reduction. However, Vaniqa is good as long as it is applied twice a day to start.
Electrolysis does “Stand the Test of Time”, leaving the skin perfectly silky smooth despite the fact of treating ingrown hairs or difficult terminal hairs – improving the skin tone and condition.
No matter what you read in every catalog’s articles – Electrolysis is THE permanent solution for anyone with unwanted hair anywhere; regardless of skin color and hair type, the fine filament (needle) is much less uncomfortable than most of our “must have” periodical, medical beauty treatments.
“We are a culture of perfection – it is never too late for a good start”.
-Monique Geraud

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