This is it – Summer is Here – and so is sunburn time (Part 1)

Causes of Hirsutism (Part 2)
October 10, 2014
This is it – Summer is Here – so is sunburn time (Part 2)
October 10, 2014


Electrolysis and sun tan

For just as much as 10 minutes of unprotected sun exposure, sunburn may take place. Red, painful, and hot to the touch even several hours later – and there it is.

Consistent sun exposure will increase chances of skin diseases and complications. The skin will become dry and therefore leads to premature appearances of wrinkles, liver spot, and possibly skin cancer, including melanoma.

Protection is key, even on cloudy day doctors tell us.

Our skin is our largest organ – it needs to be moist at all times and protected. Any part of the body can burn: ears, scalp, lips, and even our eyes can burn.

Exposure to too much ultraviolet (UV) light – a radiation is a wavelength of sunlight in a range too short for our human eye to see. It will affect the skin in excess production of melanin (dark pigment in the epidermis) – darker tan.

This is why, electrolysis can ONLY be performed on healthy skin. Electro-coagulation occurring at the procedure of hair removal will make the skin even more sensitive during treatment. Healing will take longer and subsequent scaring may take place.

Likewise, no sun-bathing should take place within a day prior or post a permanent hair removal session – but with just 3 days, it allows the skin to bounce back to normal.

From causes: by Mayo Clinic staff

Did you know that as much as 90 percent of UV rays pass through clouds? UV rays can also reflect off snow, ice, sand, water and other reflective surfaces, burning your skin as severely as direct sunlight.

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