October 10, 2014

Electrolysis after Laser

Electrolysis after Laser Even with the perfect requirement for successful laser treatment; lighter skin and dark hairs, there are times, when we experienced at the consultation/evaluation, […]
October 10, 2014

Believe in Permanent Hair Removal

We Absolutely Believe in Permanent Hair Removal Because of all the steps needed to make it right – IT is our passion! Science behind Electrolysis comes […]
October 10, 2014

Over the phone-Price list

“To give or not to give” That is the question! Therefore, I would like to shed some light on the issue. When we buy articles at […]
June 16, 2015

Electrolysis and Men

Electrolysis and men?For many men, temporary hair removal regimens are essential to attaining a well trimmed look. However, shaving, tweezing, threading etc are only temporary and […]
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