Surprising Advantages of Cold Weather

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November 7, 2017
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Now that the thermostat has dropped and sweater weather has arrived, let’s try to look on the bright side. Cold weather, believe it or not, has quite a number of positives in the form of health benefits.

Here are just some of the reasons why we should all start to appreciate winter more than we do:

It Helps Us Think Clearer – The glucose in our bodies helps our mental agility and regulates our internal body temperatures. So when we’re in hot or cold climates, the glucose in our bodies adjusts accordingly to regulate things. According to Scientific American, warm temperatures force our bodies to use up tons of glucose to keep cool and thus can “adversely affect” our decision-making abilities.

Cold weather Brings Us CloserDuring periods of weather-induced isolation, we spend more time with our loved ones and tend to reach out to contact our closest friends and family on the phone chatting with them longer than usual according to a 2012 study.

Simply being cold, according to another study, Could Cause Calorie Burn – This thought might give us some comfort when we find ourselves chilled to the bone. Shivering keeps us moving, which generates heat—and uses calories. The very good news is, it doesn’t even take active shivering to burn at least some fat.

Cold weather Can Reduce Inflammation – All that stuff you hear about cold weather making arthritis and other joint pain worse is true enough. However, there’s a reason putting ice on an injury works. That drop in temperature reduces inflammation in, say, a sprained ankle or stubbed toe. But the theory works on a much grander scale, too — cold temperatures can reduce inflammation and pain all over.

Cold weather May Boost Your Body ImageWe do appreciate the escape from the pressure to get a “bikini body”, we can balance healthy eating and exercise while enjoying some winter comfort foods.

It Can Benefit Our Skin – Winter weather can suck the moisture out of your skin, leaving it dull, dry and flaky and also cause chapped lips. But there are actually some perks to those biting winds and the cooler air:

* It clears our pores. Cooler weather can act as a tonic or astringent – reducing clogs and keeping pores less visible and refined. Cold weather also slows down and prevents the secretion of sebum, which waterproofs the skin and hair, keeping shine at bay and reducing acne.

* You sleep better. Getting a good night’s sleep is vital for skin health – reducing circles under the eyes and making sure your complexion stays glowing. Lots of us suffer sleeplessness in the summer heat. Coldness mimics the body’s natural drop in internal temperature, which occurs around two hours after we hit the sack. Therefore, most sleep doctors believe that a slightly cool room can make for better sleep.

*It rejuvenates the face. Consider the rejuvenating effect of splashing your face with cold water in the morning – it keeps your skin tight, vibrant and radiant. Well, cold weather works in the same way with your skin.

*Gives your face a healthy color. Blood vessels  respond to the cold and cause redness in the checks. It means you can leave your blusher at home. So get out in the cold for that bright-eyed, rosy-cheeked, all-natural look.

* Reduces puffiness. Cold weather promotes blood circulation in both the face and body – reducing inflammation and swelling to the eyes and face.

And to sum it up, cold weather Brings Greater Appreciation Of Brighter DaysWeek after week of balmy weather sounds pretty lovely right about now, but there’s evidence to suggest that it doesn’t necessarily make you happy. In fact, some research suggests that if the weather never changes, you start taking that sunshine for granted. Shivering through the cold makes those warm spring days seem even better when they finally come along, according to Psychology Today.

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