New York Electrolysis Association Membership Meeting

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April 20, 2015
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May 13, 2015

The New York Electrolysis Association (NYEA) is dedicated to promoting high levels of competency, integrity and professionalism. The goal is to raise and improve the ethical and educational standards of its members; to foster, encourage and improve good relations between its members of the electrolysis profession, health care professionals and the general public; to serve as a source of information for both electrologists and our clientele.

Our membership meeting and one day educational event was held this Sunday, April 26th in Brooklyn, NY. The speakers covered a wide range of topics such as diabetic education, nutrition, infectious control, self-help and fire safety.

One of the speakers Debra S. Gross a diabetes educator and dietician help us understand and recognize some early signs of diabetes. Did you know that diabetes is an epidemic problem affecting millions of Americans? 29.1 million people have diabetes , 8.1 million know it…86 million people have prediabetes and only 9.5 million know it.
We, as professional electrologists need to be educated and know how it can affect their electrolysis treatments.

Speaker Yvonne Barrow, RN spoke about sterilization and hygiene. Infection control is always of the uppermost importance.
At Hairless we follow the guide lines and go above it to make the environment safe for our clients and technicians alike. Sterilization, lab testing, disposables gloves, hand hygiene, follow-up education seminars are all in our agenda to always have impeccable surroundings and competent care.

Fire safety session dealt with instructions of how to evacuate a fire scene, knowing that getting yourself and your clients out is the only thing that matters, everything else is replaceable.

Continuing education never stops for all of us at Hairless NYC Clinic– it is a life time of commitments in order to achieve higher standard of professionalism.

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