2012 Best Of Manhattan Award
October 10, 2014
Great Experience – the measure of
October 10, 2014
2012 Best Of Manhattan Award
October 10, 2014
Great Experience – the measure of
October 10, 2014

A beautiful day rose upon us, literally! It was 6:30 AM on a Saturday, when we took off from JFK airport heading to Logan/Boston airport. Never in our lives have we ever seen such a Chinese red sunrise. It truly defined what awaited us – a group of dedicated Electrologists from everywhere in the country eager like us – Xenia, Lia and yours truly – to network and listen to a great and energetic panel of professionals.

  • Sterilization had a lot of attention. Two hours for Infection Control, followed by the usual discussion of proper hygiene, total skin condition revue, diseases, as well as public and self-care. Did you know that Electrolysis is Class Act #1 (CDC) in delivering: safety on the skin and permanent hair removal?
  • The Canadian panel empowers the Cell Destruction Study lecture also for two hours. Academic hands on, is another hour – extremely informative on the new advanced revolutionizing techniques that we have.
  • Social media and marketing has address and reinforced our knowledge with a vibrant hour of sheer interest.



Left to right; Xenia Karicek, Lia Karaolani, Ms. Mary Evangelista, President Electrology Institute of New England, Monique Geraud


The topics were filled with updated information about our field. The first two hours of the lecture were dedicated on the sterilization and infection control by Margaret Franckhauser, RN, MS, MPH. It is safe to say that the information was not only useful for our profession of Electrology alone. Rather many aspects should be used in our everyday life.

The following subject and most imperative was regarding the performance of the new 27 MHz advanced epilator. Great pleasure to hear that our 27 MHz Platinum Epilator has surpassed its predecessor in almost all aspects.

Once more it has been proven that attending annual seminars are vital for receiving the latest news in the field of Electrology. I personally enjoyed the event and the speakers as well.



Left to right; Mr. Clement Baumont President Dectro International, Monique Geraud, Lia Karaolani, Xenia Kacirek


The conference focused on innovative technology in hair removal.
The topics were great on every issue, from how to be in the moment with social media to recognizing and preventing transmitted diseases along with Sterilization /Infection Control.
The Cell Destruction Study showed the variety and permanent ways of cell destruction in hair follicles.
The conference was informative, motivating and overall recognized many successful years in the electrology field.

”I am always in quest of being open to what the universe will bring me.”

Jill Bolte Taylor

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