What to do about those unwanted hairs in between Electrolysis Treatments
December 6, 2016
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March 1, 2017

When making their first electrolysis appointment, our clients often ask: How long will each treatment take ?

There are, however, many factors to be taken into consideration when we are giving them an answer. As each individual is different from the other, the amount of time we need to clean the same area, will vary from one person to another. A very fine growth of hair on someone’s upper lip might be completed in a shorter amount of time, than on another that has been threading or tweezing for a long time.

Only after the initial consultation evaluation, our professional electrologists will be able to assess how long they will need to clean the area that one would like to have treatment on. Assuming all the hairs are there at the time of visit, it can start from 15 min to 1 hour or more. The average length of electrolysis treatment is 30 min, however longer appointments are needed to treat areas with a lot of hair like legs, bikini, underarms etc.

Length of treatment greatly depends on:

*Area to be treated –  lip, chin, bk , underarms, legs , arms …they all have different amount of hairs so timing is different too.                                                                                                                                                                                    *Type of hair – some hairs are more stubborn to treat than others especially if you have ingrowns, coarser hair or deeper follicles.                                                                                                                                                                                    *Method of treatment – ex galvanic, thermolysis or blend.

*Skill and experience of the electrologist – they play a great role in achieving desired results in the shortest amount of time.

*Previous epilation history – if you have tweezed, waxed, or used any method that requires pulling, you might have made your hairs thicker and more stubborn to treat, than virgin hair, hence it will take longer to clean the area.

*Frequency of treatments – if you have been tweezing every week a few hairs, you might need weekly 15 min cleaning sessions. As time progresses those short weekly sessions can turn into biweekly ones, then every 3 weeks ; but the sessions will be a little longer in time.

With regular visits, there should be a noticeable reduction in the amount of hair growing. Usually, within 2 months of consistent treatments, the area being cleared has less hair. Subsequently, the amount of hair growing is reduced until treatments are on an “as needed” basis. For best results follow the electrologist’s instructions of scheduling appointments. For those few hairs growing in between treatments, please do not use any methods that require pulling, the electrologist will advice you of what to do until next treatment.

At Hairless NYC Electrolysis Clinic, we consider the consultation/evaluation an important tool to gain a better understanding of ones needs, and craft an individual plan of time needed, frequency of treatments and expected results for each client.


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