Electrolysis, the Only Permanent Hair Removal Method

How safe is Electrolysis?
July 7, 2015
Taking care of skin post vacation
August 19, 2015

Please stop distressing your skin with temporary hair removal methods- Electrolysis, the only Permanent Hair Removal does not damage your skin cells.

We all know how shaving and depilatories work; one needs to do it repeatedly.
Waxing and tweezing ; it is known from facts that stimulation, friction and irritation in an already active (hairy) area, will only exacerbate the blood supply, generating the potential of more growth- subsequently in time, accelerating the need to tweeze or wax.
It is easy to understand now that tweezing an ingrown hair will only make matters worse – painful ingrowns, plus you add the great potential of scar tissue and infected the region (non-sterilized tweezers).
Laser hair removal is reduction of hair and not permanent – despite the extravagant claims of laser manufacturers and clinics. Some hair may be resistant to the laser treatment or may grow again after treatment, and it doesn’t work for all skin type.Temporary irritation, crusting, scabbing, discoloration is possible after laser hair removal.
FDA reiterated its position that only electrolysis can permanently remove hair.
The FDA Consumer Health Information Bulletin states:
“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes Electrology as providing permanent hair removal. The FDA identification for needle-type epilators is: “a device intended to remove the hair by destroying the dermal papilla of a hair”. As no other device for hair removal has the unique identification of “destroying the dermal papilla of a hair”, only electrologists are allowed to claim permanent hair removal in their advertising”.

Electrolysis is the only way to remove hair permanently and safely from every area and on all skin type. The target area or goal is to treat the hair root, or papilla, to prevent re-growth of that particular hair.
At hairless NYC Clinic, after your consultation/evaluation (free with the treatment) with our professional electrologists, you will get a personalized plan for your treatment that is best for your needs, your type of skin and the area you would like to have treatment on. Hairless NYC Clinic uses the latest and most advanced technology and state of art equipment, operated by a professional team of electrologists to achieve great permanent hair removal results in the shortest amount of time.

You will be glad you started and you will finally get your healthy hair free skin- no more tormented and damaged by using temporary hair removal methods.
Our skin is the biggest organ and we owe it to ourselves to protect and take good care of it.

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