October 10, 2014
Electrolysis after Laser
October 10, 2014

Unwanted hair and skin discoloration may cause troubling challenges for some. Keloids, acne and ingrown hair are a common concern for women and men a like.

Most of the time, in our office we see ingrown hair to be the culprit of dark spots (hyper-pigmentation). While the most common self-induced practice is tweezing and picking at ingrown hairs, it creates scar tissue and provides a catch 22 shadowy result in the area.

Proven permanent hair removal with electrolysis, reverses this condition and totally eliminates unwanted hairs. It inhibits hairs once released, which will allow blood flow again. Regardless of the coarseness and shape of hairs, with unsurpassed results, the skin is able to recover its natural texture-glow as the hair disappears.

With advanced methods and techniques, the procedure and your comfort level is addressed every step of the way. Based on the comprehensive  consultation with one of our highly specialized professionals, your customized treatment plan will be your road map for your specific hair removal needs.

Did you know: That African Americans have fewer hair follicles per surface area than Caucasians? Therefore, they are not as prone to Hirsutism.

Skin problem? Tea tree oil and lavender are antibacterial. Start with a good cleansing and add to moisturize.

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