Before Electrolysis Treatment Suggestions (Part 1)
May 13, 2015
Electrolysis and Men
June 16, 2015

After Electrolysis Treatment Suggestions.Skin sensitivity is different for each individual , it is however very important to follow these instructions after your treatments to prevent irritation and help you heal faster.

* Keep area clean and dry. Avoid the use of soap, ointments or creams for 2 full days after treatment…the pores are open and susceptible to bacteria.


*Avoid touching treated area to prevent spreading germs and bacteria.


*Clean area morning and night with a mild astringent (witch hazel) – do not rub.


*Some people may notice a tiny formation of fluid, resembling a milia (white head). DO NOT Squeeze. Apply a dab of calamine lotion, this will dry it.


*Sometimes a tiny scab may appear, Do Not Remove the scab. Follow the above procedure and the scab will fall off.


*Exercise before your electrolysis appointment instead of afterward to avoid excessive sweating and spread of bacteria.


*Avoid the sun for the next 72 hours to avoid the formation of brown pigment spots. Your skin defends against UV rays by producing pigment, which will deflect some of the harmful rays. If your skin is injured or traumatized it can over-produce pigment in those areas. This can result in hyper-pigmentation. ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN.


*Do not swim in a chlorinated pool for the first 48 hours following treatment.


*In between treatments DO NOT Tweeze, Wax or Thread! The offending hair can be clipped off with small scissors, shaved, bleached or you can use a depilatory cream such as Nair.


We are confident, the outcome of the treatment will have you proud you have started and you will be rewarded with great results.

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